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25.03.2024 Mobile & Embedded ASUSTOR Lockerstor 4 Gen 2 AS6704T Home and Small Office NAS
02.01.2024 Reviews ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop with Ubuntu Linux Distribution
29.12.2023 Mobile & Embedded VNC Screen Sharing on Wayland and Weston for Raspberry Pi 5 with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded
29.12.2023 Mobile & Embedded Unlocking Stadia Controller: Bluetooth Transition Guide with Tests on Linux and Chromecast Post Google Stadia Shutdown
12.12.2023 Mobile & Embedded Fnatic miniSTREAK TKL Silent LED Backlit RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
21.11.2023 Mobile & Embedded Low-cost Mini-360 Voltage Adjustable DC-DC Step-down Voltage Regulator for DIY Enthusiasts
01.10.2023 Mobile & Embedded DIY Light Meter with Raspberry Pi, BH1750 I2C sensor, Python and Linux
28.09.2023 Mobile & Embedded Recognize Gestures on a Raspberry Pi with a Low Cost APDS9960 I2C Sensor
25.07.2023 Mobile & Embedded New Open Source Mechanical Keyboards: ANAVI Macro Pad 12 and ANAVI Arrows
16.07.2023 Mobile & Embedded Revolutionize Your Retro Tech: OpenFlops - The Ultimate Open Source GoTek Alternative with FlashFloppy!
05.05.2023 Mobile & Embedded Radxa Rock Pi 4 B Computer
05.05.2023 Mobile & Embedded How to Use Addressable RGB LED NeoPixels on Raspberry Pi Computer
05.05.2023 Mobile & Embedded KMK Open Source Mechanical Keyboard Firmware in CircuitPython
03.05.2023 Mobile & Embedded Khadas VIM4 Passive Cooling with KKSB Aluminium Case
01.01.2023 Retro Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ Keyboard Repair
30.12.2022 Mobile & Embedded NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Dev Kit
21.11.2022 Retro ATARI 600XL Retro Computer with 6502C 8-bit CPU from 1983
21.11.2022 Reviews HP ProDesk 400 G7 Review & Teardown
30.09.2022 Reviews Upgrading Lenovo V55t with AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, More RAM and Additional Storage
30.08.2022 Mobile & Embedded LoRa P2P with CircuitPython on MaPIE LoRa RP2040
24.08.2022 Mobile & Embedded BeagleBoard PocketBeagle Low Cost Linux Computer with Debian
24.08.2022 Mobile & Embedded BeagleBoard BeagleBone AI-64 with ARM 64-bit SoC and Debian Linux distribution
21.08.2022 Mobile & Embedded Ubuntu on KHADAS VIM4 with Amlogic A311D2 64-bit ARM SoC
19.08.2022 Mobile & Embedded Getting Started with Seeed XIAO RP2040
11.04.2022 Mobile & Embedded LoRa Peer-to-peer (P2P) Demo with REYAX RYLR998
11.04.2022 Mobile & Embedded StarFive VisionFive RISC-V Single Board Computer with Linux
07.10.2021 Mobile & Embedded Getting started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi using Thonny IDE
23.08.2021 Reviews Logitech M170 Teardown and Review
04.07.2021 Mobile & Embedded Raspberry Pi Gardening with Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensors
30.06.2021 News Open Source Video Blog #11: June 2021
20.06.2021 Mobile & Embedded Using Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Microchip MCP3002 on Raspberry Pi Single-board Computer
17.06.2021 Mobile & Embedded Creating QMK Keymaps for Mechanical Keyboards from the Command-Line Interface (CLI)
17.06.2021 Mobile & Embedded ANAVI Macro Pad 2 - Tiny 2% Mechanical Keyboard
17.06.2021 Mobile & Embedded BeagleV RISC-V Single Board Computer (Beta)
01.06.2021 News Open Source Video Blog #10: May 2021
24.05.2021 Reviews BeagleV RISC-V Computer (Beta)
11.04.2021 News Open Source Video Blog #9: April 2021
29.03.2021 News Open Source Video Blog #8: March 2021
17.07.2020 News Open Source Video Blog #3: June 2020
24.12.2019 Internet of Things ANAVI Miracle Controller
21.04.2019 Internet of Things Introducing ANAVI Thermometer
28.08.2018 Internet of Things Introducing ANAVI Play pHAT
28.06.2018 Internet of Things Flashing Custom Firmware on ANAVI Light Controller
31.05.2018 Internet of Things Getting Started with ANAVI Light Controller
24.05.2018 Internet of Things Introducing ANAVI Light Controller
24.05.2018 Internet of Things Smart Speaker with Volumio, Raspberry Pi 3 and Adafruit MAX98357
24.03.2018 Administration Enable Automatic Login on Raspberry Pi through Serial Console
22.01.2018 Mobile & Embedded Building a Deb Package on Raspberry Pi with Debuild
29.10.2017 Web Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 17.10
29.01.2017 News The Open Source Vlog Episode 1
14.01.2017 Mobile & Embedded Booting Raspberry Pi PIXEL on an Old Netbook with Intel CPU
25.12.2016 Internet of Things Getting Started with LoRa, LoRaWAN and Microchip RN2483 on GNU/Linux distributions
21.10.2016 Mobile & Embedded Writing and Reading Data to NFC Cards and RFID Tags with Raspberry Pi and PN532 Module
07.10.2016 Mobile & Embedded Detecting Distance on Raspberry Pi with HC-SR04
05.10.2016 Internet of Things Blinking RGB LED on Raspberry Pi with RabbitMax Flex
04.10.2016 Internet of Things Introducing RabbitMax Flex Raspberry Pi HAT
22.07.2016 Mobile & Embedded Playing DOS Games on PocketC.H.I.P.
20.07.2016 Mobile & Embedded OpenArena on PocketC.H.I.P.
16.07.2016 Mobile & Embedded Playing Arcade Games on PocketC.H.I.P. with XMAME
16.07.2016 Mobile & Embedded Enable SSH on PocketC.H.I.P.
23.04.2016 Mobile & Embedded Detecting Voltage and Current Consumption of Raspberry Pi
26.03.2016 Mobile & Embedded What's new in Raspberry Pi 3? 8 Major Differences
24.03.2016 Mobile & Embedded Playing the Imperial March from Star Wars with a Piezo Buzzer on Raspberry Pi
26.02.2016 Internet of Things RabbitMax Weather Station with Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
23.02.2016 Internet of Things Building custom GNU/Linux IoT distribution for Raspberry Pi using the Yocto Project
06.02.2016 Internet of Things Connecting Internet of Things (IoT) with MQTT
22.01.2016 Mobile & Embedded Getting started with Red LED Matrix Module for Raspberry Pi
31.12.2015 Mobile & Embedded DIY Weather Station with Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
25.12.2015 Mobile & Embedded MyTeletouch Converts Your Smartphone into a Keyboard, Mouse and a Joystick
07.12.2015 Mobile & Embedded Building Poky using the Yocto Project for MIPS Creator CI20
14.11.2015 Mobile & Embedded Tizen Developer Conference 2015 and Tizen TM1
25.09.2015 Mobile & Embedded Sailfish OS User Interface on Jolla Smartphone
30.08.2015 News Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015
27.07.2015 Mobile & Embedded Building Poky with Wayland and Weston for Raspberry Pi 2 using the Yocto Project
17.07.2015 Mobile & Embedded ESP8266 Recovery from a GNU/Linux Distribution
14.06.2015 Mobile & Embedded Creating a Rainbow on RGB LED strip with Arduino
13.05.2015 Mobile & Embedded Flashing Custom Firmware on ESP8266
09.05.2015 Mobile & Embedded CHIP - Nine Dollar Computer with Linux and Allwinner ARM SoC
12.04.2015 Internet of Things Connecting ESP8266 to Cloud with MQTT
25.03.2015 Internet of Things Connecting Internet of Things to the Cloud with MQTT and Kyup
05.03.2015 Internet of Things Set Up MQTT Broker with OpenShift
09.02.2015 News FOSDEM 2015
07.02.2015 Mobile & Embedded ESP8266: Hello World
29.01.2015 Mobile & Embedded Getting Started with Olimex ESP8266 DEV and AT Commands
26.01.2015 News Plovdiv Game Jam 2015: Build a Game in 48 Hours
17.01.2015 Mobile & Embedded How to Build Arcade Game Machine with Linux, MAME and ARM Development Boards
03.01.2015 Tizen Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai 2014
28.12.2014 News Qt Contributors Summit 2014
28.12.2014 Tizen Tizen Developer Conference 2014
27.12.2014 Tizen Booting Tizen on Firefly-RK3288
25.12.2014 Mobile & Embedded Booting Ubuntu from microSD Card on Firefly-RK3288
23.12.2014 Mobile & Embedded Firefly-RK3288 Unboxing
09.12.2014 Tizen MinnowBoard MAX Unboxing and Booting of Tizen:Common
07.12.2014 Mobile & Embedded A80 Optimus Board Unboxing
10.11.2014 Tizen Porting Tizen:Common to Radxa Rock
09.11.2014 News OpenFest 2014
31.08.2014 Mobile & Embedded Allwinner is Conquering the Tablet Processor Market Once Again with the Quad Core A33
26.08.2014 Administration Extending the WiFi Network Coverage with DD-WRT Installed on an Old Router
31.12.2013 News OpenFest 2013
14.10.2013 Administration PHP & MySQL Web Server powered by Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi 2
05.10.2013 Mobile & Embedded Hints for Building Linux for A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO from Scratch
06.09.2013 Tizen Tizen Developer Conference 2013
15.04.2013 News Openmobility Conference 2013
26.03.2013 Tizen How to Install Tizen SDK on Ubuntu
23.03.2013 News FOSDEM 2013
25.02.2013 Tizen Troubleshooting lthor During Tizen Installation from Ubuntu
24.12.2012 News Jolla Music Ringtone for Windows Phone
24.12.2012 Mobile & Embedded How to Install USB WiFi Adapter to Raspberry Pi & Raspberry Pi 2
23.12.2012 Administration How to Install Windows 7 Starter on EeePC with a bootable USB Stick
17.11.2012 Mobile & Embedded Launch BB10 and PlayBook Apps with BlackBerry Plug-in 1.3 Beta and ADT Version 21
29.10.2012 News Linux Days 2012 Travel Notes
26.09.2012 Mobile & Embedded How to Change Keyboard Layout in Raspbian?
23.09.2012 Mobile & Embedded How to Connect an External Hard Drive to Raspberry Pi & Raspberry Pi 2?
19.09.2012 Reviews MoGateway Converts Your Smartphone into SMS Gateway
27.06.2012 Administration How to Install deb To MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9/N950)
06.05.2012 Reviews Let's Play with BlackBerry Playbook
18.01.2012 News location2sms: German and Romanian Translations Added
26.12.2011 C/C++ How to Remove Toolbar from MeeGo Harmattan QML Application
22.12.2011 Administration Getting Started with Gitorious
27.11.2011 News location2sms
27.01.2011 News Mobile Monday Sofia: Mobile Apps
08.01.2011 C/C++ Standalone Qt Application for Microsoft Windows
08.08.2010 Administration Install Linux Fedora on Asus Eee PC
29.05.2010 Web Skype Links on Web Page
24.03.2010 C/C++ Code Analysis
30.01.2010 Mobile & Embedded Fixed Arrays in Symbian C++
23.11.2009 Administration Get Rid of the Logon Screen on Windows XP
18.11.2009 Administration Fedora 12 is Here
07.11.2009 Administration How to Find Information about a Kernel and to Delete It on Fedora Core
04.11.2009 C/C++ Template Functions
16.10.2009 C/C++ OOP with mutable Variables and const Methods
13.10.2009 C/C++ Output Manipulations of Numbers with cout
09.10.2009 PHP Time for Magic with __set and __get
06.10.2009 Java Finally Java Exceptions
27.09.2009 Administration Linux: Number of Files in a Directory
25.09.2009 Mobile & Embedded Getting Started with Symbian C++
21.09.2009 Administration Load an Application at Linux Boot
11.09.2009 Java Copy a File
08.09.2009 Databases MYSQL: Change root Password Using SQL
08.09.2009 Java How to Create a Directory
02.09.2009 Databases MySQL: Select Random Rows
31.08.2009 C/C++ STL Containers: Vector
27.08.2009 PHP Develop Console Applications with PHP
26.08.2009 Administration How to Use RAR Archives under Linux
21.08.2009 Web Achieve Search Engine Optimization with Sitemaps
20.08.2009 Administration Forwarding All URLs to a Single File
19.08.2009 Administration Customize Web Server Error Pages at .htaccess File
18.08.2009 C/C++ Boost Shared Pointer
18.08.2009 Administration Troubleshooting Boost C++ Libraries and g++ under Linux
16.08.2009 Java Java Concurrency - Introduction to Java Threads
03.08.2009 Java ME Cryptographic Hash Functions
02.08.2009 Java ME How to create a Message Dialog
29.07.2009 Java Convert Text to Hex
28.07.2009 Java Parsing XML
23.07.2009 Java Swing Dialogs
18.07.2009 Mobile & Embedded Convert 8-bit String Descriptor to 16-bit
18.07.2009 Java Choose a File
16.07.2009 Java How to Load Image At Java Swing Application
16.07.2009 Java JTable Basics
16.07.2009 Java How to Create a Java Servlet Using Tomcat and Linux
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