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Created: 02.01.2024 03:14 Last Modified: 02.01.2024 03:14 Views: 928
Keywords: lenovo, linux, thinkpad, thunderbolt, thunderbolt 4, ubuntu, USB-C

ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop with Ubuntu Linux Distribution

This is a video review of ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock, coupled with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Have a look at the video to see dock's key features, Thunderbolt 4 technology, and compatibility with Ubuntu.

Key Features

ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock supports a single 8K monitor at 30 Hz or up to four 4K monitors at 60 Hz, delivering a visually immersive workspace. The comprehensive package includes the dock, a marked Thunderbolt 4 passive cable (not to be confused with standard USB-C cables), a 135W Slim Tip Power adapter, and informative setup and warranty posters.

Thunderbolt 4

Built on Intel's Thunderbolt technology, the dock not only ensures high-speed data transfer but also facilitates external upgrades through its high-speed PCIe bus. With 40 Gbps transfer speeds, vPro pass-through support, and 100W dynamic power charging, it caters to diverse user needs efficiently.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Compatibility

Based on my experience after several months, ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock seamlessly integrates with Linux and particularly Ubuntu 22.04 LTS distribution, showcasing its versatility and commitment to providing a smooth user experience on the open-source platform.


ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock, paired with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, stands out as a convenient solution to use a laptop on an ergonomic desk with several monitors and peripheral devices. Boasting impressive display support, rapid data transfer, and Ubuntu compatibility, it caters to the needs of professionals across various fields, promising an enhanced computing experience.

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