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Created: 26.12.2011 10:58 Last Modified: 26.12.2011 11:00 Views: 9441
Keywords: button, Harmattan, MeeGo, menu, N9, N950, Nokia, Page, QML, Qt, remove, toolbar, ToolBarLayout, tools, visible

How to Remove Toolbar from MeeGo Harmattan QML Application

The problem

By default all native Qt applications for MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9, Nokia N950) have toolbar which contains buttons at the bottom of the screen. Some applications do not need this toolbar and it has to be removed.


To remove the toolbar of a native MeeGo Harmattan QML application do the following steps:
  • Disable the visibility of the toolbar at the main QML file and delete the menu:
  • ToolBarLayout {
            id: commonTools
            visible: false
  • Disable tools on you page:
  • Page {
        tools: null

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