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MoGateway Converts Your Smartphone into SMS Gateway

Title: MoGateway Converts Your Smartphone into SMS Gateway MoGateway is a free open-source app that converts your mobile phone into SMS gateway by automatically forwarding emails as text messages (SMS) gateway, SMS, text, email, e-mail, smartphone, mobile, nokia, n9, meego, harmattan, symbian, store, mail, MSISDN

Have you ever wanted to send automatically SMS from your web site or computer?

MoGateway forwards received emails on your smartphone as text messages (SMS). It is the perfect solution for small business or personal use. It is free and open source mobile app.

How does it work?

MoGateway should be installed on a smartphone and requires Internet connection as well as configured e-mail client. Start it with a single click and it will forward the content of the received e-mails with prefix [email2sms] followed by a list of phone numbers (MSISDN) to the specified numbers.

Why should you use MoGateway?

MoGateway is the easiest solution to connect your web site subscribers via a different channel – SMS. It is easier, faster and cheaper to contact and inform your customers about pending promotions via SMS instead of voice calls.

How to download MoGateway?

As of September 2012 MoGateway is available for free download at Nokia Store for Nokia N9 (OS: MeeGo Harmattan) and Symbian devices such as Nokia N8, E6, E7, C7, X7, 808 PureView, etc (OS: S^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia Belle).

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