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Keywords: array, iterator, TFixedArray

Fixed Arrays in Symbian C++

Class TFixedArray presents arrays with fixed size in Symbian C++. Its usage is much like the usage of a standard C array. Operator [ ] is overridden so elements can be accessed directly. Important methods of the class are:
  • At() – gets a reference to the specified element.
  • Begin() – gets a reference to the first element of the array.
  • End() – gets a reference to the end of the array.
  • Count() – gets the size of the array.
  • Length() – gets the size of the array element in bytes.
  • DeleteAll() – deletes all elements
  • Copy() – copies elements to the array.
Full list of supported methods and details are available at the class reference links.


TFixedArray myArray;	 
for (TInt nIter = 0; nIter < 10; nIter++)
	myArray[nIter] = nIter*2;
	console->Printf(_L("%d "), myArray[nIter]);

Class Reference

TFixedArray in Base E32_EKA2

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