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Created: 17.06.2021 00:57 Last Modified: 17.06.2021 00:57 Views: 3054
Keywords: BeagleBoard, BeagleV, JH7100, SeeedStudio, StarFive, RISC-V

BeagleV RISC-V Single Board Computer (Beta)

As an open source developer I was lucky to receive one of the very first BeagleV Beta units. BeagleV is the first affordable RISC-V computer designed to run Linux. It is a project by BeagleBoard foundation, SeeedStudio and StarFive.

Have a look at the unboxing, a quick review and getting started with BeagleV. The video demonstrates Fedora image booted on BeagleV beta unit with StarFive JH7100 chipset and communication over UART to USB debug cable.

Note 1: the correct pronunciation is Beagle Five, not Beagle V. Sorry for the mistake in the video.

Note 2: due to a poor external camera mic the voice quality isn't good at some parts of the video.

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