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Created: 25.12.2015 20:46 Last Modified: 26.12.2015 01:33 Views: 6628
Keywords: Bluetooth, PC, smartphone, smartTV, TV, USB

MyTeletouch Converts Your Smartphone into a Keyboard, Mouse and a Joystick

MyTeletouch is USB gadget that converts your smartphone into a mouse, keyboard and a joystick for your computer or TV. The gadget is being developed by a Bulgarian startup company.

The usage is simple: just plug the USB stick into your computer or TV. After that download and launch the mobile application. In this case I will demonstrate you MyTeletouch with a Mac mini and a Samsung smartphone.

The mobile application is available for the most popular mobile operating systems on the market at the moment: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Visit the appropriate application store to download MyTeletouch on your smartphone. The mobile application communicates with the gadget over Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not switched the application will ask you to turn it on. Click the refresh button to see a list of MyTeletouch devices, select the desired device and click Connect. After you have successfully established a connecting you can switch from mouse to keyboard or to a joystick.

At the moment the price of MyTeletouch is about $20. I have to warn you that this is the first batch of the devices so not everything works out of the box. I had difficulties to open the case of the USB gadget the first time I got it. The Android application crashed when I tried to use it with the Linux distribution Ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop. The user interface of the mobile application is still not very intuitive. MyTeletouch is a startup company and they are working hard on their product. The idea is nice and I guess that soon the product will be improved.

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