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How to Install Windows 7 Starter on EeePC with a bootable USB Stick


The glory days of netbooks have passed. But if you own an Asus EeePC with Atom CPU sooner or later you have to reinstall Windows 7 Starter. The problem is that Asus ships EeePC with recovery DVD but the netbook do not have an optical drive. Creation of bootable USB flash drive from ISO of the recovery disk is difficult and the installation fails because of the following error message: "Please insert the recovery CD/DVD and then click OK".

This tutoroial explains how to create a working bootable USB stick with Windows 7 Starter in several steps. Please note that the installation process is simple but time consuming. A custom Windows 7 Started bootable USB flash drive (or SD card) is required to complete successfully the installation. It is created by combining Windows 7 ISO and files from ASUS EeePC recovery DVD.


  • Asus EeePC netbook
  • Asus EeePC recovery DVD
  • Windows 7 ISO
  • USB flash drive or SD card (capacity 8GB or more)
  • Windows PC with an optical drive

Windows 7 Starter Installation Guide

    Create a bootable USB flash drive or SD card

  1. Download and install Rufus
  2. Start Rufus, select the USB device and Windows 7 ISO file
  3. Click Start and wait until the process finishes
  4. Customize Windows 7 Installation

  5. Navigate to directory sources on the USB flash drive. Locate file install.wim and delete it.
  6. Copy file ASUS.wim from ASUS recovery DVD to directory sources of the USB flash drive.
  7. Rename the copied file to install.wim
  8. Installation

  9. If you want you can erase all existing partitions and other OS on the EeePC hard drive using the GParted
  10. Plug in the created bootable Windows 7 Starter USB flash drive (or SD Card) and start the netbook
  11. Press ESC. A screen that offers you to select boot device will appear. Select the USB media
  12. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete Windows 7 Starter installation

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